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Most innovative self exstingushing candle.

Our FOC through a mobile device app can inter link with as many FOC as you have, can be timer set to all extinguish at once, or on voice command “Flame Out” extinguish themselves.  If you leave and forget to blow out your candles once the Blue tooth connection is broken our smart candles will know you left them unattended and extinguish themselves. If a child or pet knocks over the candle the FOC knows it’s off level and also extinguishes itself.


  • Timer settings 1,2,3,or 4 hours
  • Voice Command “Flame Out”, extinguishes candle
  • Level sensor extinguishes candle if tips over
  • Future model- Bluetooth control multiple candles at once
  • Automatically extinguishes candle if Blue tooth connection is lost
  • Affordable candle replacements
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