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From Ideas and white board concepts, Aexion’s innovative team develops product solutions       to meet the needs of commercial and consumer markets.


By Design, Aexion’s team moves from Innovation to Creation by forging new products using the latest materials and technologies available.  Aexion’s team deals with complex issues to resolve our customers’ needs.


New Products are produced as a result of the innovative and creative processes. Aexion merges technology, functionality and design to achieve the needs of our customers.


Who We Are




Aexion’s mission is to develop and bring to market innovative products serving first responders, military and consumers


The Company’s objective is to establish the Aexion brand as a leading manufacturer of products that makes life and work safer and more efficient.




Our Products

Aexion Inc- Creation through Innovation

Tracer Line (TL)

The Tracer Line (TL) is a revolutionary device in the next generation of search and rescue equipment. Self-retracting, lightweight, and compact, it is the optimal personal life line that attaches to a rescuer's harness or belt enabling...

Tracer Lead Line (TLL)

The Tracer Lead Line (TLL) works in tandem with the Tracer Line (TL) allowing the Tracer Line to be attached to the Tracer Lead Line in large search zones such as warehouses, big box stores, apartment buildings, and high-rise structures...

Aexion Inc- Creation through Innovation

Tactical Door Jamb Assist (TDJA)

The Tactical Door Jamb Assist (TDJA) is used primarily by law enforcement and other government agencies. The Tactical Door Jamb Assist allows an individual to anchor a door in the open position and trigger flashing lights and...

Aexion Inc- Creation through Innovation

Door Jamb Assist (DJA)

The Door Jamb Assist (DJA) is a solution to which easily anchors any door in the open position allowing easy in and out access without having the door close. This product is ideal for delivery personnel, hotel housekeeping, and...

SOS Locator (SOL)

The “SOS Locator” (SOL) is a device which enables a person that is lost, injured or in distress to be located quickly. It is a light weight compact device, when activated, a large SOS helium balloon attached to a light weight line will ascend 400...

Aexion Inc- Creation through Innovation

Glass Off (GO)

The Glass off (GO) product is a spray on liquid which allows glass to be broken without the release of glass shards onto a person who is trapped in a vehicle. GO liquid is easily and quickly applied onto a glass surface by way of a...

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Our team

Meet The Team


John Riga

Co-Founder/President & CEO

Mr. Riga has more than 30 years of leadership experience in several industries including drone technology education, manufacturing, real estate finance and development and TV productions. His executive management...


Ron Hermann II

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Hermann founded Aexion Inc to develop and bring to market life-saving, search-and-rescue tools] for fire departments nationwide. Mr. Hermann became involved with rescue issues when he worked as a fire fighter and...


Tracy Weatherfield

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Weatherfield has more than 20 years' experience in Sr. Operations Management roles in the high tech assembly and distribution world. Starting at the bottom 35 years ago, Mr. Weatherfield has been instrumental...


Topo Padilla

Government liaison

Mr. Greg Padilla, known by his business associates and friends as Topo, has been deeply involved with law enforcement and government agencies over the past 35 years. Over the past 15 years he has owned one of...


Julius J. Cherry


Chief Cherry retired from the Sacramento City Fire Department in 2008, with more than 30 years experience in fire and emergency medical service. Mr. Cherry served as Chief of the Sacramento City Fire Department from 2004...  


Paul A. Misso


Mr. Misso has more than 25 years experience in executive, leadership, and management roles with multinational corporations and start-ups in high-tech, manufacturing, renewable energy, and consulting. Prior to joining Aexion INC,..


What People Are Saying?

Bill Pepe
Deputy Chief

Thank you for allowing my department to test and review the Tracer Line, it is a wonderful tool that will benefit the fire service tremendously.

Steve Pegram
Writer/Product Review

The Tracer Line is a useful tool that can aid firefighters in finding their way out of smoke filled environments. The Tracer Line would be an “excellent” tool for any department – especially those who may have to search multiple apartments or office buildings.

Arthur Gonsalves
Urban Search Rescue Team
(CA. Task Forces 7)

Over my 31 year carrier I have tested many products used to save a victims life as well as my own. I responded to the Oklahoma City Federal Building attack and the WTC attacks of 911. In both of these cases as well as others I responded to, having a product such as the Tracer Line would have been of tremendous value.

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