Door Jamb Assist (DJA)

The Door Jamb Assist (DJA) is a solution to which easily anchors any door in the open position allowing easy in and out access without having the door close. This product is ideal for delivery personnel, hotel housekeeping, and other industries. Hotels, restaurants, delivery drivers and other industry groups need a universal device such as the DJA to enable personnel to go about their work without having to find a way to prop open a door. The DJA can be produced with a client logo or brand molded into it. The DJA can be used by a company as a promotional item, given to a hotel guest or client to use at home or work and, other ways this product can be used to bring value to a company or a brand.

Aexion Inc- Creation through Innovation


  • Anchors door in open position
  • Durable high impact material
  • Easy one handed use
  • Light weight
  • Custom badging